Realign your spine

Stretch your body

Increase flexibility

Improve core strength

Called “aerial yoga,” “swing yoga,” “antigravity” or “suspension yoga,” this is an experience that will change your life.
Release compression and reactivate your circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems through enhanced blood circulation. Feel free in one of our intimate classes of only 10 by hanging, twisting and bending in the traditional yoga postures.
The hammock is a prop intended to assist alignment, deepen awareness and provide the immediate benefit of spinal decompression. The relative weightlessness you experience in an aerial yoga class will allow you to free your mind and create inner as well as physical space.
EXPLORE INVERSIONS and back bends with no spinal compression
DEVELOP STRENGTH in your core, upper and lower body
GO 20% DEEPER in all of your classic yoga shapes
RELIEVE BACK PAIN and restart all your body’s systems
EXPERIENCE “WRIST-FREE” YOGA — no pressure on wrists or any body part
FEEL WEIGHTLESS in poses with the gentle lift the swing provides

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